Where we sell

We sell and deliver our products mainly to European clients. We also have experience in other markets: we exported our knitted fabrics to North America and Asia. We arrange full truckload services, pallet transport and transport of individual bales.


The internal quality control system of supplied raw materials, production and finished products allows to monitor the process of manufacturing of knitted fabrics at every stage. We are currently undergoing the process of ISO 9001:2015 certification.


Our stocks of raw materials, semi-products and finished products allow to ensure constant availability of a wide assortment of knitted fabrics and to reduce delivery times to clients to a minimum. Over 200 ready knitted fabrics are always in stock and available for immediate shipping.

Flexibility and innovation:

Our employees approach each client on an individual basis. They adjust an offer to the clients’ needs – from designing knitted fabrics, through finishing, to arranging terms and conditions of cooperation and deliveries. We introduce constant modifications of currently produced knitted fabrics and we willingly undertake to create custom products.

Additional services

Using the technical facilities of Łódź Province, we also offer processed products, such as textile laminates, bindings from our warp knitted fabrics and coated knitted fabrics.

Where we produce

Zduńska Wola is a town of 40,000 inhabitants, with many years of tradition in textile industry. It is located in the centre of Poland and is well communicated with the rest of the country and Europe.

Łódź, with its 750,000 inhabitants, is the third city in Poland in terms of size. The city grew on textile industry and has been its capital up to this day. The textile department at the Łódź University of Technology is the most important research and science centre in the country. Many key laboratories and textile companies are located in the city.