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Warp knitted technical textiles

Polski producent gumek do maseczek chirurgicznych
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Round elastic band 3mm for protective masks produced on automatic ultrasonic machines.

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High quality technical fabrics from warp knitting machines

We have been manufacturing warp knitted fabrics used in many industries since 1981. We offer various fabrics, ranging from thin charmeuses, tulles and chiffons used in lingerie and clothing industries, through scrims for automotive industry and textile laminates, to brushed knitted fabrics (velours) used i.a. in the production of abrasive materials, as well as medical and rehabilitation equipment.

since 1981

Marand stands for:

30 warp knittng machines

25 mln sqm a year

50 employees

  • 35 years of experience in the production of warp knitted fabrics
  • care for the highest quality of our knitted fabrics in every phase of the production process
  • flexibility in customer service and openness to new products
  • highly qualified production engineers and engineers in textile industry
  • extensive technological facilities based on modern machinery
  • over 200 articles available in our regular product range, ready for immediate shipping


Family run business with over 30 years of experience.


Numerous, diffrent type warp knitting machines, providing wide range of products.


Fabric production according to client's needs and specification.

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Marand offers a wide variety of warp knitted fabrics. Our product range includes scrims, polyamide velcro receptive velours, polyester brushed fabrics of a wide spectrum of basis weights and applications. We offer warp knitted fabrics for lingerie and clothing industry, particularly linings and tulles. Especially our voile tulle, still tulle and flexible tulle deserve attention. We have low-weight charmeuses and chiffons, but also high-weight technical knitted fabrics, apron knitted fabrics, flag knitted fabrics, binding knitted fabrics, high visibility knitted fabrics, as well as many meshes and scrims. We offer to our clients ready-made bindings cut from our fabrics in any width, as well as textile laminates on the basis of our scrims.